Plant-based intuitive eating

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You are here for a reason

We all have a different journey that has led us to where we are today. Nutrition requires a personalized approach that digs deep into your why and overall purpose. We will work together step-by-step both in and out of the kitchen to find a sustainable nutrition plan that leaves you feeling empowered and feeling your best.

Hi, friend!

I’m Shannon.

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Culinary Coach specializing in plant-based nutrition and kitchen therapy. I work with you to improve your relationship with all foods so that you can enjoy every bite life gives you.

I will help you build confidence in yourself to overcome the fear of a life free of dieting. I use a non-diet approach that allows you to not just live, but thrive. My coaching style utilizes mindful mentoring filled with honesty, trust, and inclusivity.

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What clients are saying...

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Nourish your kitchen confidence

Discover the foundation of intuitive cooking and mindful eating while applying practical kitchen skills that take you from the grocery store to the dinner table with confidence.

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The Fundamentals of Intuitive Cooking

Let’s work together in my virtual kitchen with customizable cooking classes that align with your nutrition goals and health values. Cooking with your intuition will allow greater flexibility in meal variety and encourage creativity in the kitchen. You’ll learn how to whip up a deliciously balanced meal without a recipe and without stress. The kitchen has never looked this fun!

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