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Nutrition Coaching Philosophy at Chef Shannon Nutrition

Ciao! To old followers and newcomers, thanks for joining me in my virtual kitchen. I am so glad you are here and I look forward to cooking up something delicious with you. Let’s start this journey with a little appetizer… a small dish of thoughts about the Chef Shannon Nutrition philosophy and coaching services.

My Kitchen Journey

We all know that nutrition is an ever-changing thing from fat is “bad” during the low-fat craze to carbs are “bad” in the low-carb trend. My journey had been no different – changing daily, monthly, and yearly. It all started in high school when some things about my body just didn’t feel right. Doctor after doctor. More and more bloodwork. Nothing really came of all of it, but it was a starting point that led us to believe nutrition could be the biggest piece of the puzzle. It took a few more docs, lots of research, and overcoming major mental barriers to realize that nutrition had (and was going to continue to have) a major impact on my body.

Over the next several years, I dedicated my time and education to learning more about the impact nutrition has on all of us. Why do we experience food intolerances? Why do certain foods make us feel differently than others? How does stress impact our digestion? Is there one way of eating that works for everyone? (No, but there are certain habits that can benefit each of us in their own way.) Fast forward through all the questions and I found myself in the kitchen most often. I find that knowing what to do is the first step that most of us can take, but doing is the next step and, in my opinion, the most important step.

After several years of teaching cooking classes to all ages and populations and developing recipes to cater towards food allergies and specialty diets,

I decided to dedicate my time here to helping others turn nutrition education into an every day practice that becomes a lifelong habit.

My firm belief is that nutrition has a true impact on our health, but I also believe that nutrition does not have to rule our lives nor be perfect everyday. I am here to share with you that nutrition challenges can be overcome without doubt and without fear. We can thrive both in and out of the kitchen without stress by applying simple habits that make us feel confident in who we are and how we eat.

The Nutrition Philosophy

#1 – All foods can fit.

Unless you have a true food allergy or severe food intolerance (like myself and many of my clients), I emphasize an all-foods-fit nutrition approach in my nutrition coaching philosophy. Research indicates that when we restrict ourselves from something we truly enjoy (hello carbs), we end up craving that thing more. But by including more foods in our diet, we also allow greater variety in flavor, textures, colors, and… nutrients! When we learn to not restrict foods that our body is able to consume, we increase the quantity and quality of nutrients on our plates.

#2 – Prioritize plants.

While all foods can still fit into a healthy lifestyle, we can try to fit in more plant foods. An abundance of nutrition research demonstrates that increasing the amount of plant foods in one’s diet can have a positive impact on countless health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and healthy weight management. Prioritizing plants does not mean you have to completely eliminate animal products. But, instead of making the traditional animal proteins the star of the dinner show, let’s highlight the plant foods.

#3 – Get kitchen saavy.

By no means do you have to be a Michelin Star chef in the kitchen in order to eat healthy. I do encourage that we have the confidence to put together our own balanced meals as needed. From making a grocery list and navigating nutrition labels to applying basic cooking skills and confidently throwing together a quick dinner, I believe learning how to apply simple kitchen skills will make you more successful in the long run. Whether you are starting from learning how to boil water or you are a ninja with a chef’s knife, eating well for longevity requires the practical, hands-on skills to meet your body’s nutrition needs.

#4 – Flexibility is key.

Life is not perfect. Every day changes. And nutrition should be the same way. Our nutrient needs change not only throughout our lifespan, but also on a daily basis. We need to be flexible in how we adapt to life’s frequent changes. We will work together on learning how to be flexible with your nutrition routine while still accomplishing your health goals.

#5 – You know yourself best.

No one knows your body as well as you do. Only you know what is working for your body, how a particular food makes you feel, and what challenges cause confusion in the kitchen. Every body is so unique, which is why most dietitians will say “It depends” to almost every nutrition question. I may not be able to give you an exact answer because I’m not living inside your body, but I can help you navigate the twists and turns of your nutrition journey to help you understand your body better.

#6 – Nutrition is more than what is on your plate.

There are several factors that effect our nutrition including stress, quality of sleep, physical activity, gut health, trauma, travel, and so much more. I believe it is important to look at the whole picture because your body works as one whole unit. We will take a deeper look at every aspect of health to ensure we meet all your nourishing needs.

What and Who You Will Find In My Kitchen

Chef Shannon Nutrition works with all populations and backgrounds. The nutrition coaching philosophy currently specializes in plant-based eating of all degrees, food allergies and intolerances, celiac disease and gluten intolerance, eating for longevity, and general wellness. My one-on-one and group coaching is 100% virtual using a HIPAA-compliant client portal for all video calls and written messaging. If you are interested in working with me, I encourage you to book a FREE Discovery Call!

With extensive experience working in corporate wellness, Chef Shannon Nutrition also offers Worksite Wellness services and programming. For more information about providing these services to your company, please reach out to Shannon using the contact form below.

Thank you so much for joining me in my virtual kitchen! I look forward to supporting you in your health journey. Ciao, ciao!

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  1. Love that you’re so passionate about helping others with understanding the absolute importance of nutrition and what works for each of us individually!

    1. Thank you! Individualizing your nutrition plan is so key to be successful and happy with the progress. Everyone deserves to work with someone they trust will personalize their health plan! 🙂

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