My recipe for life is avocados, sweatpants, coffee shops, & French Fries.

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Hello. I'm Shannon Costello.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Culinary Coach, Personal Trainer

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One simple step at a time.

As a young adult, I bounced from doctor to doctor trying to discover why I didn’t feel “right”. From lack of energy to repetitive GI issues, I was constantly told to start one medication and supplement after the other. I was taking 36 different supplements at one point in time.

It was later when I was in school earning my B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science that I discovered a passion for nutrition. I furthered my nutrition education at Texas Woman’s University with a post-bacc in dietetics all while fine tuning my personal diet to overcome health challenges. I turned to a plant-forward diet which seemed to serve me better and relieve the majority of my GI issues.

But, fine tuning every bite wasn’t the only answer to my problems. It wasn’t until I started giving myself grace and permission to enjoy the journey that I felt the true value in my self-work. I discovered cooking as a way of self-care to nurture my body, mind, and soul. And that, my friend, is why I love my kitchen. To me, it’s kitchen therapy.

Nutrition is not always exact. It requires flexibility. It requires patience. It requires nurturing our relationship with food & our body.

What is Kitchen Therapy?

Through my own health journey & passion for culinary nutrition, I made it my goal to show others how to nourish themselves with joy and step into the kitchen with excitement.




Let's get cooking!

I’ve taught cooking classes to all age groups with many different dietary preferences. Every time I see a smile on someone’s face in their kitchen, I remember why I turned to culinary nutrition as a dietitian. One of the best feelings is seeing your goals put into action and turned into sustainable, joyful habits.

From pumpkin pancakes to cashew cheese sauce...

I’m determined to help you find your purpose in the kitchen by exploring new foods, learning new cooking skills, and making food fun again – without a restrictive or one-diet-fits-all approach.

The secret sauce to a purposeful health & nutrition plan is figuring out what makes YOU feel good from the inside out.

It is turning food restrictions into food forgiveness.

It is gently nourishing yourself with foods that make you say “Yum!”

It is moving your body in a way that empowers you.

It is waking up each morning with gratitude for being able to cook, eat, & live a life of purpose.

What clients are saying...

Are you ready to fall in love
with food again?

Join me in my virtual kitchen! I’d love to learn more about you & what brought you here.

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