Mindful Nutrition &
Culinary Coaching

For the foodie enthused.

Food doesn't have to rule your life. Cooking doesn't have to be complicated.
Food & cooking should be forms of self-love.

Let me guess...

You're here because you feel like something isn't right.
You're thinking:

  • “I’m overwhelmed with how to transition to a lifestyle free from dieting.”
  • “I feel so restricted and want to make delicious meals that I will crave.”
  • “I’m confused about how to meet my nutritional needs without a meal plan.”
  • “I’m frustrated every time I step into the kitchen.”
  • “I am tired of dieting and feeling guilty around food.”

One Step at a time...

My virtual nutrition and culinary coaching program is customized to you. Health is individualized and you deserve a personalized plan that meets you where you are. I apply mindfulness into an intuitive culinary experience that brings you back to true food loving.

Together we will:
  • Take a deep dive into your symptoms, challenges, health experiences, and goals
  • Learn a nutrition foundation that serves your unique body
  • Determine a flexible meal routine that allows you to live life rather than obsess over food
  • Build practical skills in the kitchen that feel empowering
  • Change the way you step into your kitchen so you feel inspired to nourish your body
  • Explore new plant foods, cuisines, and dishes that leave you craving more

Let’s start with a free discovery call to determine the best plan for you!

How it works

Nutrition Coaching Ingredients:
  • A 1:1 relationship with individualized nutrition coaching & personalized advice catered by evidence-based research
  • Practical tools paired with step-by-step guidance from knowing WHAT to do to learning HOW to do it
  • Virtual 1:1 nutrition coaching calls to check progress, reassess goals, and navigate any challenges
  • Access to a food & mood journal that allows you to reflect on hunger awareness, mealtime moods, and food symptoms
  • Access to messaging between sessions for those quick questions
  • Option to add virtual 1:1 culinary coaching sessions that put knowledge into action and leave you with delicious meals for the week
  • Continued community support with ongoing encouragement, kitchen tips, and mindful plant-based recipes

Are you ready to start your intuitive cooking journey?

This nutrition coaching is for you if you are:

  • Ready to feel stress-free around food & in the kitchen
  • Looking to ditch the one-size-fits-all diet approach
  • Tired of food & weight loss consuming your thoughts
  • Craving accountability and support in your health journey
  • Looking to expand your culinary capabilities so you can create satisfying meals
  • Committed to investing in yourself, your goals, and your dreams

Step 1: Discovery Call

Let's get to know each other over a FREE 15-minute video chat. This will ensure we are both a good fit for each other and I know exactly what you are looking for in our relationship as dietitian & client. During the call, we'll chat about the coaching process with or without virtual cooking classes.

Step 2: Initial Session

The first appointment will take a deep dive into your health journey, history of dieting, & where you want to be with your health. We may talk about Intuitive Eating, the plant-based plate method, & how to use the Food & Mood journal in your client portal. If you still comfortable moving forward, we'll decide which coaching package is best for you & your goals.

Step 3: Choose a Coaching Package

After the initial session, we will book follow-up sessions either weekly or bi-weekly. We'll go step-by-step through how to reach your nutrition & health goals by setting weekly goals, building a solid nutrition foundation unique to your body, & exploring mindfulness.

Step 4: Keep Cooking

Each coaching call will review your progress and any questions or concerns that pop up along the way. Progress may require flexibility in your plan to make sure you feel successful in the long run. We'll get in the virtual kitchen together to apply what we've learned in the coaching sessions to the kitchen.


Some other things you may want to know about...

Nutrition coaching is an active partnership. We will work together to develop a plan of action that aligns with your health goals & daily values.

I utilize motivational interviewing, asking a variety of open-ended questions to help guide you along your journey. We may explore mindful eating techniques, intuitive eating principles, self-care strategies, and cognitive behavior therapy.

Our first session (60-minutes) will take a deep dive into YOU – where you are & where you want to be. We will prioritize your goals & map out a plan.

Follow-up sessions (45-minutes) will review progress, challenges, & successes. We will adapt to the ebbs & flow of life and make sure that your goals & habits are realistic for your current lifestyle.

Nope! If for any reason you do not want to include the cooking classes in your coaching plan, I also offer a package that includes just the nutrition coaching sessions without the hands-on cooking component. I’m happy to discuss which package works best for you!

Our virtual cooking class will be either 30 or 60 minutes long depending on your goals and experience in the kitchen. You will be an active participant during the class cooking alongside me step-by-step.

We will prepare 1 – 3 different recipes customized to your nutrition plan & food preferences. The best part? At the end of class, you’ll already have these meals or snacks prepared for the week!

Our virtual cooking classes will be held in the comfort of your own kitchen (and mine!). You will need to confirm secure Wi-Fi during the session and be able to set up a laptop or smartphone in your kitchen space where we can both see each other. 

There is no need to have any special kitchen tools. We will have a nutrition coaching session prior to our first cooking class which will discuss what appliances, equipment, and kitchen tools you have available.

If you’ve signed up for the nutrition & culinary coaching package, our classes will be 1:1 as a commitment to each other and your personalized experience.

If you would like to do a group cooking class, I am happy to coordinate that with you outside of your regular coaching program.

Both our nutrition sessions and culinary classes are held virtually through a HIPAA-compliant client portal (Practice Better and Zoom).

Typically, we meet once every other week. In some cases, I may recommend that we meet weekly. The initial coaching session is 75 minutes and all follow-up coaching sessions are 30 minutes. Although we may not always need that much time for each session, I like to allow the flexibility for this time commitment.

I am currently out-of-network with health insurance, but I am happy to provide you with a “superbill” that allows you to receive potential reimbursement from your health insurance.

I highly recommend contacting your health insurance prior to our first session to confirm what nutrition services are covered by reimbursement.

This will depend if your package includes virtual cooking classes or not. Either way, it’s safe to expect working together for at least 3 months. Due to the “all-inclusive” nature of the package, you have the option to pay in full (with a discount!) or pay monthly. I am happy to explore these options in a free 15-minute discovery call. Book your discovery call here!

Not at all! I work with all dietary preferences, including food allergies & intolerances. While I believe consuming more plant foods can benefit our health & well-being, I work with you to find an enjoyable eating pattern that aligns with your values. 

I am inclusive of all those feeling the need to lose weight and want to respect your desires. While my coaching does not necessarily provide weight loss advice, I am happy to explore why you feel the desire to lose weight. We will work together on building a healthy relationship with food, body, and overall health using a weight-neutral approach. You can expect to focus more on building sustainable health habits with a mindful approach rather than solely on weight loss.

For more information about the Health At Every Size ® approach, please visit this website.

Yes and no. The nutrition counseling process takes time. I want to be honest up-front about the commitment required to make these changes. Learning to build sustainable habits and navigating a healthy relationship with food is not an overnight fix.

If you are still curious about making the full commitment, we can start with our first 1:1 coaching session to get to know the process a little better. I want you to feel 100% comfortable working together before committing to the next step.

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